Custom Jewelry Design

Finding the perfect piece of jewelry can sometimes be a challenge. Our Goldsmiths Gallery team has years of experience with fashion and jewelry design. We work with you to create the perfect piece of jewelry that fits your style. We’ve created all kinds of jewelry pieces from custom jewelry pendant to custom rings and necklaces.
Custom Jewelry Design - Goldsmiths Gallery
Custom Rings - Custom Jewelry Design - Goldsmiths Gallery
Custom Jewelry Design - Goldsmiths Gallery - Concord NH

Let’s Make Something Amazing Together

We start with sketches of several jewelry designs that are specific to what you like. From your favorite sketch, a hand-carved wax model of your jewelry is created. This allows us to show you all angles of the design (and even try it on!) so that you can be sure it’s perfect before we fabricate your custom jewelry.

Custom jewelry designs usually take 4 to 6 weeks to complete after the design is approved.

Custom Jewelry Design - Custom Rings - Goldsmiths Gallery

Together We Will Create a Jewelry Masterpiece of Your Own Design

Embarking on the journey of creating your custom piece of jewelry with us is more than a transaction—it’s a collaboration. At Goldsmiths Gallery, we recognize that each client comes with a unique story and style, and it’s our mission to bring that personal vision to life.

Once the wax model has been approved, we select the finest materials to begin crafting your jewelry. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of diamonds or the vibrant hues of gemstones, our access to high-quality materials ensures that every piece not only meets but exceeds expectations. Our skilled artisans use a combination of traditional techniques and modern precision, painstakingly ensuring that each setting, curve, and polish is executed flawlessly.

Throughout the process, we keep you involved with updates and possible adjustments. We understand that your custom jewelry isn’t just an accessory; it’s a personal emblem crafted to tell your story or commemorate a special moment. Therefore, we pay attention to every detail and make sure that the final piece is something you will cherish for a lifetime.


Custom Jewelry Design - Custom Ring - Goldsmiths Gallery
Custom Jewelry Design - Bring Your Dream to Life! - Goldsmiths Gallery

Upon completion, your custom jewelry will undergo a rigorous quality check to guarantee that it is perfect in every aspect. Then, it’s ready for the most exciting part: the reveal. When you first lay eyes on your completed jewelry, we aim for nothing less than your absolute amazement.

At Goldsmiths Gallery, your satisfaction is the cornerstone of our work. Your custom-designed jewelry isn’t just worn—it’s celebrated as a masterpiece of your own design.

What Our Customers Say…

“Every time I’ve visited the store, even in ripped jeans and a graphic t-shirt I have always been treated with respect. They consistently deliver on all my crazy ideas for custom pieces. Fabulous quality and service.”

“Had to have my Mom’s wedding band cut off because it was stuck on my finger. Paula was very gentle. Then they restored my keepsake to fit my finger perfectly. Beautiful workmanship!”

“My ring is a custom dream and I couldn’t be happier with my continued customer service from Goldsmiths Gallery. The team helped my new fiancé and I navigate many design options until we landed on something perfect and managed to still surprise me with the beautiful outcome when the question was popped. Thank you. I’ll be a customer forever!”

“I’ve had several pieces assessed for repair and repaired at the shop… I can say the service, policy, and level of honesty is consistently excellent.”